HARMONY (HARMONIA): Interface of Cosmic, Ethical and Religious Orders

Interface of Cosmic, Ethical, and Religious Orders
January 09-12, 2019
Christ University, Bangalore, India

Quest for harmony has obliged/urged scientists, philosophers, theologians, academics, professionals, policy makers, and civic groups to reflect loudly and clearly on the possibilities of “a new and universal solidarity” (Laudato Si, 17). Harmony2019 provides scholars from various disciplines (Mythology, Philosophy, Cosmology, Cosmogony, Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Ecology,Literature, Education, Art and Music, Psychology, Counselling, Psychiatry, Sociology, Religions, Scriptures, Theology, Ethics, Law, Management, and Spirituality) a platform to explore scientifically the interface of cosmic, ethical and religious orders in the pursuit of universal harmony.

For registration and more details visit: http://www.harmony2019.in/ 


5th European Summer School in Process Thought

5th European Summer School in Process Thought, in August 2018, in the Czech Republic. The Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia is proud to be hosting the 5th ESSPT, which will be devoted to a wide range of aesthetic themes and problems considered from the point of view of Process thought.

For more information and the call for papers, visit: ttp://www.ff.jcu.cz/5esspt


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