About the IPN


The International Process Network is a means to active communication with process-related organizations and individuals around the world to advance the Common Good.

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What Is the International Process Network?

IPN is a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to supporting, generating and disseminating an international discourse on the meaning and implications of process thought, and to fulfill this purpose:

   Promotes member programs, conferences, and activities;

   Encourages development of process- related organizations;

   Sponsors international conferences and film festivals;

   Disseminates declarations, resolutions, and awards;

   Facilitates publication translation and distribution of process-oriented works;

   Provides process-related educational programs and resources; and

   Maintains a website that provides information on process thought and member activities.


What Is Process Thought?

Process thought’ refers to the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead as well as other process-relational philosophies that have creativity, organic change over time, interiority and interdependence as fundamental aspects of their understandings.

The central claim of Whitehead’s ‘process-relational philosophy of organism’ is that the world is not made up of independent material objects. In contrast to Cartesian philosophy, in which the world is thought to be made up of ‘static substances,’ dependent only on themselves for their existence, Whitehead’s philosophy depicts the dynamic interrelatedness of the

multitudes of events compositional of the world. In this way of thinking, each entity requires others in order to exist, and each is thoroughly engaged in creative life-processes of becoming

What is the Common Good

The ‘Common Good’ refers to the work of addressing social and environmental issues. IPN encourages process thought that seeks to articulate the highest aspirations of the common good and to foster relations of solidarity for achieving the common good. The widespread use of the term in the process community began when For The Common Good by John B. Cobb, Jr. and Herman Daly was published in 1989.


What Are the Benefits of Membership in IPN?

Process offers many resources for interpreting and relating various fields of inquiry, and offers insights into ethical, environmental and social action. So becoming a member of IPN means entering into a global network to further and share this work. Membership in IPN offers these benefits by allowing you to:

   Enter into an active communications network with like-minded organizations and individuals;

   Receive an online newsletter and ‘process- announce listserv’ announcements about process developments and events;

   Post information about your organization, yourself and events on www.processnetwork.org;

   Learn of process events (e.g., International Whitehead Conferences and Summits, and the IPN International Film Festival);

   Link to process–related organizations, individuals and online journals;

   Access process resources on the IPN website;

   Contribute to discussions on IPN initiatives;

   Participate in international IPN-sponsored conferences; and

   Join IPN committees to further process education; publication, translation and distribution of books; support of process academics and students; and endeavors such as the ‘China Project’ on postmodern development.


Who Should Be a Member?


IPN membership is for anyone interested in relating process thought to his or her life and work. People attracted to process thought include mathematicians, educators, physicists, biologists, chemists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, ecologists, economists, ethicists, psychotherapists, and philosophers (including those interested in analytical philosophy, bio-philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, cosmology, post-structuralism, and phenomenology); and persons interested in religion including classical and indigenous traditions. If you are a professional, an academic or aspiring student in any of these areas, or if you are a person interested in working with others, membership in IPN may be for you.



Process-related organizations are at the core of IPN because most of the important work is done by them. A primary purpose of IPN is to support process-related organizations and assist in the formation of additional such organizations. If you are part of such an organization, membership might be for your organization.


Membership Dues or Donations

Individual Membership: US $0-$25

Group Membership: US $0-$100

Sustaining memberships: Individuals US $25 and up; Groups US $125 and up


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